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Putting Diversity To Work

At AT&T, we believe our suppliers should reflect the diversity of the communities we serve. We’ve also seen the advantages that diversity and inclusion bring to businesses – leading to better business practices, more streamlined product delivery, and better service to our customers. Simply put, we’ve found that Diversity works, and it’s this idea that is the foundation and guiding principle behind our Prime Supplier Program.

What is the Prime Supplier Program?

In 1989, AT&T initiated the Prime Supplier Program (PSP) to help our major product and service providers increase the utilization of minority, women, and disabled veteran (MWDVBE) owned businesses in their supply chain. Prime Suppliers comply with the PSP by submitting an annual plan with subcontracting targets for MWDVBE businesses and inputting subcontracting spend results on a monthly/quarterly basis. Prime Suppliers who meet/exceed 21.5% diversity utilization are eligible for the Supplier Diversity Crystal Award.

Learn About Ongoing AT&T VMOD Program

What is the “ATT/MBM Virtual Matchmaking On Demand Matchmaking” (VMOD) tool?
The VMOD was developed as a resource for Prime Suppliers looking to enhance the utilization of MWDVBEs in their supply chain and for Diversity Suppliers to market their capabilities to all of AT&T’s service providers. This will enable the development of new business relationships which will lead to Prime Suppliers meeting/exceeding their annual plan targets. This 24/7/365 tool allows Prime Suppliers to be immediately matched with vetted MWDVBE suppliers when an opportunity arises, instead of waiting for a physical matchmaker event or having to search the myriad of databases from various Certification Agencies.

Many new features of the portal have been developed to ensure the best match occurs between Prime and Diversity Suppliers, such as:
Compatibility Scoring
This allows Primes and Diverse Suppliers to view their compatibility score according to the opportunities posted by the Prime and the requirements met by the Diverse Supplier. Such requirements can include, Socioeconomic Categories, Certifications, Federal Schedule, and Revenue which will be used to generate the score in efforts to find the "perfect match."

Ability to schedule meetings virtually
This feature takes it a step further with technology and globalization. Primes are able to schedule and meet virtually with Diverse Suppliers avoiding the hassle and cost of travel all while, engaging in conversations regarding potential contract opportunities.

Post Opportunities
This tool provides Primes the ability to post current or upcoming opportunities, along with the requirements and the value.

Filter Suppliers
The tool is able to filter Diverse Suppliers by any specific Business Category or attribute.

Rate suppliers
Allows Primes to rate Diverse Suppliers according to the first initial meeting and through the follow up process.